Handcrafted Box

Handcrafted Box

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The Handcrafted cocktail box contains

We magic up the box with 3x 500ml cocktails, garnishes, sweets, the Coco & Vanilla booklet and a party game for you to enjoy on us. In addition to this, we will hold an interactive Virtual Meetup where you can hear all about our inspirations, philosophy and the story behind our cocktail creations. Comes in RPeT (100% recycled) bottles. Serve over ice and garnish without dehydrated fruit.




    our grass root cocktail box, all the spirits and juices crafted by us, all ingredients locally source. and made to create these three cocktails

    Spiced rum & Kola nut tonic

    Cherry vodka & Cream soda

    Peppercorn & Chamomile gin with thyme & grapefruit juice

    what separates this box two our party box is, a zoom master class included for free to talk and discuss and how to drink these amazing cocktails and get the best tasting notes


    on checkout please write in message what day you would like the cocktails for, if its for the day of ordering, we shall arrange either a pick up or drop of for you.

    Free shipping is over £14 and all parcel, boxes and cocktails are sent our via second class recorded delivery.