Coco & Vanilla

Bringing you the finest handcrafted, Eco-friendly cocktails in a bottle,
as well as a complete mobile cocktail event service.

King's Cocktail's Ready to drink, Sip straight from the bottle or Serve into a glass & garnish #SiporServe

Coco and Vanilla provides a range of fantastic services to cater for your drink hospitality. 

- London - Greater London - United Kingdom

By entering this site, you certify being of legal age and aware of the regulations in your country relative to alcoholic drinks. 

We Ship locally, nationally and internationally to, browse our drinks here


The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for you health, consume in moderation.

More information about responsible drinking can be found on the following sites:


About Us

We provide services to cater for everyone's needs, whilst keeping in line with our ECO friendly ethos.​​

All drinks are delivered in our ECO Friendly rPET (100% recycled) bottles

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